Erik Nyström






Erik Nyström is a london-based composer working in the acousmatic medium. His current music explores transformative spatial and textural processes utilising multichannel sound distribution formats (8-channel and Wave Field Synthesis), and seeks to engage listeners visual and physical listening imagination.

He was awarded a PhD from City University London in 2013 for his research entitled Topology of Spatial Texture in the Acousmatic Medium. The work was supervised by Denis Smalley, and develops a new integrated approach to space and time in acousmatic music, presenting a series of acousmatic pieces exploring an aesthetic oriented towards spatial texture. The approach draws from research on the cross-modality of texture perception, philosophical discourse on embodied meaning, physics, psychology of visual art, and discourse on space in acousmatic music.

His educational background includes studies in recording arts at SAE London, computer music composition at CCMIX, Paris, with Gerard Pape (2006-7); and Electroacoustic Composition at City University, London (MA with distinction in 2008 and PhD), with Denis Smalley.

Erik Nyström’s music is performed internationally, and has been awarded with prizes and mentions. He teaches modern music history and electroacoustic composition at SAE London and works as freelance sound engineer specialised in contemporary music.