17.11.2017 Dark Matter. Live coding with BEER at Unversity of Falmouth.

15.11.2017 Research Seminar at University of Bournemouth: Spheroid, performance, algorithm and speculative nature in spatial texture. 2-3pm.

17.10.2017 ICMC/EMW 2017 International Computer Music Conference / Electronic Music Week. Shanghai, China. Live performance: Spheroid.

09-12.08.2017 TIES 2017 Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium, Toronto, Canada. Live performance: Spheroid.
05-08.07.2017 SMC 2017 Sound and Music Computing Conference, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland. Live performance: Spheroid.

09-15.06.2017 Residency at Game of Life Wave Field Synthesis system, The Hague. Working on new piece exploring fractured waveforms, non-standard synthesis, textural accretions....

08.06.2017 Ephémère, Studio Loos, The Hague, NL: multichannel live set: Antibodies (new) + Spheroid. Institute of Sonology: guest lecture, Synthesis of Spatial Texture in Composition and Performance.

02.06.2017 WFS Festival. Game of Life Wave Field Synthesis System, MOOOF Den Haag, The Hague NL: Elemental Chemistry

29.02.2017 BEAST FEaST 2017: Spheroid (52 channel version), Bramall Music Building, University of Birmingham.


11.02.2017 BEAST Dome Concert: Spheroid (premier, 16-channel version). Concert also featuring Mats Lindström, Savannah Agger, Helene Hedsund, Lise-Lott Nordelius, Magnus Johansson. Bramall Music Building, University of Birmingham.

22.09.2016 Profile Concert, Greenwich University, London.

05-07.08.2016 CubeFest: Massively Multichannel Music. Moss Arts Center, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, US. Concert & research visit: 138-channel site specific live work.

03.06.2016 University of Cologne, Institute of Musicology: Profile Concert & Guest Lecture

30.04.16 BEAST FEaST, Birmingham: Shale (56-channel live work)

17.02.16 CrossCurrents MiniBEAST, Birmingham: Erik Nyström. Clinamen (20-channel live work) plus recent work by Bjarni Gunnarsson and Lee Fraser.

10.02.16 Sound design for Actress & LCO at Barbican with Boiler Room.

31.10.15 BEAST 32 channel dome, Bramall Music Building, University of Birmingham: Latitudes (20-channel version)

04.06.15 Composer portrait concert

12.05.15 Duo with Lee Fraser

07.02.15 Trio with Lee Fraser, Roberto Crippa

26.02.15 Duo with Lee Fraser

23.02.15 Fylkingen Showcase at Cafe Oto – duo with Lee Fraser

10.12.14 Power Lunches

28.11.14 Erik Nyström Morphonenèse CD Launch Night at Block 336 Gallery, London. Multichannel installation, acousmatic concert, and live performance.