05.09.2020 Map&Fold Festival, Schlachthaus Tübingen, Germany. Dark Matter with BEER.

21-25.07.2020 NIME 2020 at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. Performance of 'Intra-action', demo of 'Intra-actions: experiments with velocity and position in continuous controllers', performance of Dark Matter with BEER.

01.05.2020 BEAST FEaST 2020 (virtual festival) Video presentation: Topographic Synthesis: A demonstration. This is a presentation of SuperCollider tools for spatial sound synthesis available here:


14.12.2019 ZKM, Karlsruhe: premier of CECIA - Collaborative Electroacoustic Composition with Intelligent Agents. [ZKM Concert link] [CECIA Project link] [Article about the project]

30.11.2019 NEXT Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia. New commission: Intra-action.

08.10.2019 Influx: Alchimie. Musiques et Recherches, L'Espace Senghor, Brussels, Belgium. Portrait concert and Carte Blanche featuring music by Dick Raaijmakers, Anne Wellmer, Marie Guillerey & Bjarni Gunnarsson, Kerry Hagan and Savannah Agger.

13.09.2019 Convergence, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. Performance of Textonics.

07.09.2019 Ars Electronica Festival: AI x Music. Performance of Texton Mirrors at Sonic Lab, Anton Bruckner University, Linz Austria

11.07.2019 11th Beyond Humanism Conference, Catholic University of Lille. Paper: Technological Listening and Intra-Faces of Sound

04.05.2019 BEAST FEaST 2019 Bramall Music Building, Birmingham. Performance of Textonics.

05.04.2019 Jornadas de Musica Contemporanea CCMC 2019 - BLAST concert, Bogota, Colombia. Performance of Cataract.

16.03.2019 Spaces/Places at Reaktorhallen R1, Stockholm, Sweden, curated by Savannah Agger for Audiorama. Performance of Textonics. [LINK]

06.12.2018 Spaces/Places at Sentralen, Oslo, curated by Savannah Agger for Audiorama. Performance of Latitudes. [LINK]

13.09.2018 IKO/OSIL Symposium IEM Graz, Austria. Talk on Topology of Spatial Texture.

07.08.2018 ICMC 2018 Daegu Korea. Paper presentation of Topographic Synthesis: parameter distribution in spatial texture. Read on this link.

20-21.07.18 10th Beyond Humanism Conference, Wroclaw, Poland.

Performance: Texton Mirrors, Antibodies, Spheroid.

Paper: Posthuman Listener in Postnatural Ecology: On speculative synthesis in computer music.

04.06.2018 NIME 2018. The Cube, Moss Art Center, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA. US: Texton Mirrors


09.05.2018 Noisefloor Festival 2018 Popular Music & Interactive Systems . Spheroid [LINK]

28.04.2018 BEAST FEaST 2018: Posthuman Nature. [LINK]

19.04.2018 Sonorities Festival 2018, Belfast, UK: Spheroid. [LINK]

13-17.04.2018 Research Visit at IEM, Graz. Lecture/concert 17 April.

24.03.2018 Azimuth #6 Weekender, iii workspace, Den Haag, NL: New work. [LINK]

10.03.2018 Video from Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium, August 2017, Toronto Canada: Spheroid

21.02.2018 Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, Brighton, UK. Performing Dark Matter with BEER. [LINK]

03.02.2018 Bangor Music Festival. Theatr Bryn Terfel, Pontio, Bangor. Performing Dark Matter with BEER. [LINK]

05.12.2017 Matera Intermedia Festival 2017. Matera, Italy. Live performance of Spheroid. [LINK]

02.12.2017 Recording from ICMC 2017 Shanghai.

28.11.2017 Morphology of the Amorphous: Spatial texture, motion, and words. Organised Sound 22(3): Journal article about entropic terminology and spatial texture. Contact me for access code. Click here for abstract.
17.11.2017 Dark Matter. Live coding with BEER at Unversity of Falmouth.

15.11.2017 Research Seminar at University of Bournemouth: Spheroid, performance, algorithm and speculative nature in spatial texture. 2-3pm.

17.10.2017 ICMC/EMW 2017 International Computer Music Conference / Electronic Music Week. Shanghai, China. Live performance: Spheroid.

09-12.08.2017 TIES 2017 Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium, Toronto, Canada. Live performance: Spheroid.
05-08.07.2017 SMC 2017 Sound and Music Computing Conference, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland. Live performance: Spheroid.

09-15.06.2017 Residency at Game of Life Wave Field Synthesis system, The Hague. Working on new piece exploring fractured waveforms, non-standard synthesis, textural accretions....

08.06.2017 Ephémère, Studio Loos, The Hague, NL: multichannel live set: Antibodies (new) + Spheroid. Institute of Sonology: guest lecture, Synthesis of Spatial Texture in Composition and Performance.

02.06.2017 WFS Festival. Game of Life Wave Field Synthesis System, MOOOF Den Haag, The Hague NL: Elemental Chemistry

29.02.2017 BEAST FEaST 2017: Spheroid (52 channel version), Bramall Music Building, University of Birmingham.


11.02.2017 BEAST Dome Concert: Spheroid (premier, 16-channel version). Concert also featuring Mats Lindström, Savannah Agger, Helene Hedsund, Lise-Lott Nordelius, Magnus Johansson. Bramall Music Building, University of Birmingham.

22.09.2016 Profile Concert, Greenwich University, London.

05-07.08.2016 CubeFest: Massively Multichannel Music. Moss Arts Center, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, US. Concert & research visit: 138-channel site specific live work.

03.06.2016 University of Cologne, Institute of Musicology: Profile Concert & Guest Lecture

30.04.16 BEAST FEaST, Birmingham: Shale (56-channel live work)

17.02.16 CrossCurrents MiniBEAST, Birmingham: Erik Nyström. Clinamen (20-channel live work) plus recent work by Bjarni Gunnarsson and Lee Fraser.

10.02.16 Sound design for Actress & LCO at Barbican with Boiler Room.

31.10.15 BEAST 32 channel dome, Bramall Music Building, University of Birmingham: Latitudes (20-channel version)

04.06.15 Composer portrait concert

12.05.15 Duo with Lee Fraser

07.02.15 Trio with Lee Fraser, Roberto Crippa

26.02.15 Duo with Lee Fraser

23.02.15 Fylkingen Showcase at Cafe Oto – duo with Lee Fraser

10.12.14 Power Lunches

28.11.14 Erik Nyström Morphonenèse CD Launch Night at Block 336 Gallery, London. Multichannel installation, acousmatic concert, and live performance.